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How to stop scamming company's

Always make sure you get a fixed price for opening the door including tax and the call out fee. Do not accept  a low call-out fee(€35 to €55) and negotiated with the locksmith because i don't now the situation. The locksmith will start working and he can charge you what ever he dears because you did not agree to a price.

How to recognize scammers?

How do the scammers work and how do you recognize them? The rogue locksmith is often called in by the website that you visit, these 'mechanics' are (often self-employed) work via a so-called 'lead company', this is a website that sells your assignment to the self-employed and therefore often difficult afterwards traceable.

These websites often look "made cheap", sometimes "anonymous" and often offer little or no information concerning which company or who they are, on the contrary, overly local and creating trust.

The scammer: You call the telephone exchange that tells you that it is virtually impossible to estimate the costs They often say that the call-out costs are € 35 to € 55 and that you have to discuss the rest with the technician When the engineer arrives with you, he often lets you sign something and tries to get to work without further consultation or a price quote. Often comes in a passenger car Often wears his normal "leisure wear" without a company name and / or logo You often stick to the lead. Promises to be present within a few minutes, but often leaves you in the cold many times longer than promised In many cases, he tries to cause as much damage as possible to your door and / or lock in order to raise the bill in this way. In most cases, does not have professional tools and / or sufficient stock to provide you with new (quality) locks It often comes across as very intimidating once payment has to be made The name of the company usually does not match the name of the website that you have accessed Give of course no longer home after your complaint and often become rude and then hang up the phone abruptly


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